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Around the World in Words (Stories from Other Cultures)

A very pleasant day that dealt with individual issues well.

Carol Humphries (Head of Citizenship)
Very useful in terms of ideas - not only for Media Studies CGSE but also for media in English and in Citizenship. Inspirational Speaker!
Jacqui Bowsher (Head of Sixth Form)
So much to take straight back and use in school! Excellent speaker - very informative on so many topics.
Cynthia Hilton (English & Media)
A very useful day with excellent ideas to put into use in my classroom from tomorrow!
Katie Jenkins (2nd in English)
(Mutlti sensory approaches to teaching and learning)
Interesting and valuable ideas obtained which I will attempt to use in the classroom. Thank you.
Elen Honour (English)
Interesting topic presented in a clear, down to earth style rooted in experience and expertise. Many ideas shared which will prove invaluable in my classroom.
Clive Rich (Special Needs)


Thank you for an entertaining and inspirational workshop.  All the children took an interest in the collection which is exactly what I was after.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

There was one day which stood out from all the rest, the day David James, a storyteller arrived.  During the morning he worked with all the key stage 1 pupils and in the afternoon the whole of the key stage 2, when he told stories, and I do mean told, rather then read.  This I think is a dying art and he certainly brought it to life. He very much reminded me of what I could imagine was the storyteller who sat in the pub on a cold winter's night telling one story after the other, the locals keeping his glass topped up.  The majority of the stories he told were of the Myths and Legends type, some funny, others gruesome but all very interesting and engaging for the listener.  His enthusiasm certainly showed and this was passed to the pupils, we have the potential of some very good stories, the best of which will be published on our web site so do please surf in and look sometime.  It is not often that stories are told, most people would rather go to the cinema or watch a video ( or DVD these days ) than tell one another stories. Even the reading of books can be frowned upon by some members of the community.  We need to fire our imagination and allow ourselves to engage in make believe, create some humour and pass on some of the interest.  Thank you to Mrs Hooper for all your hard work putting Book Week together but in particular for finding David James.  I am sure that we will see him again.

Thorners School

Thanks so much for the magical afternoon of storytelling, which you gave
the Year Seven's (and the staff!!) at the Warwick School, Redhill on
Wednesday 10 March. The students enjoyed singing the tune you taught them
all their English teachers the next day. I'm sure they now have a better
understanding of the significance of the oral tradition as they go on and
learn more about Chaucer and Beowulf.

Hope to be able to invite you back soon!!

Thanks again
From Wishmore PRU:

"Hi David
I just wanted to write and say thank you for a brilliant day on Tuesday.
The boys are still talking about you, the stories and their imminent fame on your website! I hope you didn't find the day too stressful,,, The boys got  a great deal out of it and i think they will continue to do so. I hope to see you again,,,

Thank you once again"

Jenny Parker

Thank you so much for helping to make our Zone Conference a success. The feedback from schools about the day has been fantastic and all agreed that your workshops added an interesting dimension to the day where people could learn to use new strategies across the curriculum for thinking in a practical and fun way.
(Elaine Moreton, Zone Director

“I teach high school special education. My students have trouble with reading and written language. I thought a storytelling unit would give them confidence in their language abilities and get them interested in short stories and writing. Your site has a lot of great ideas I can use in my language arts classes. I love it!”                       

Tina Totten from the USA, message posted onto Guest Map.

“Dear David, 

I thought I would drop you this e.mail to let you know just how much I appreciate the resource material that you produce. I am a Dyslexia Therapist, tutor children from years 5 to 11, and have used your material for all of these years.

I think the work sheets for each story are particularly good. My students find them attractive and well spaced. I find them really useful as I can slot them into the particular learning objectives we are working on. 

Once again, many thanks. I hope you continue to produce more material of this high quality. 

Yours Sincerely 

Allen E. Knott  AMCoT

Dyslexia Therapist (Hornsby)” 

Mail received by David James 

“My son and I have spend hours on this website, reading the stories,playing games and learning about legends. He is only 8yrs old and a very reluctant learner, until he found it could be such fun. He thinks it would be a good idea for him to meet you so you could give him some tips!!!! An excellent website that has provivded us with the only educational time that we have spent together and not ended up rowing!! 

Thankyou so much.” 

Mail received from visitor to site in September 2003.

Whiteparish All Saints in Wiltshire, had this to say about David's visit there last week:
"Thanks for a great day- the children really enjoyed the telling. We have been working from the story cards and developing our own.
I told my daughter the fiddler story and she used it next day with a class in Cambridge- she said the children were spellbound!" 

(now isn't this just what Storytelling is all about?)

Hampshire Woodland Week - an excerpt from David's letter to Hants:
"Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of Hampshire Woodland Week - I had a great time!
All the schools were very helpful and receptive and I think the pupils enjoyed live storytelling - I did!
A number of the staff seemed very interested in the application of Storytelling in Education and I spent some time talking to teachers about how they could use it in the future. I suspect a few of the schools at least will be contacting me again - which is good news.
I hope that they will provide you with some feedback from their perspective and I would be interested in seeing anything that you feel appropriate. Feedback from clients is my only way of developing/adapting material to be of better use to schools."

We are awaiting feedback from the various schools.


Thorners School ,Litton Cheney

"To coincide with Book Week we were fortunate to arrange for a Storyteller,  David James from Weymouth, to work with all the pupils during the day, telling and creating stories. Ask your children what they thought of him, he had their attention and inspired some fabulous ideas. Today each year group have had a ‘Guest’ story reader rather than their quiet reading session and enjoyed listening to a variety of stories."

Excerpt from Newsletter No 11.



Brewers Quay

The Easter Eggstravaganza is over for another year.  The Storytelling Trail trailed up and down and around and around several times each day with a stop-over at our Unit for a live tale in situ.  

Most surreal moment: David telling to one poor man who dared poke his head round the door and was immediately cornered by yours truly.  Ever heard the expression "rabbit caught in headlights"? Leave it to your imagination!

Most rewarding moments: Local children coming into Brewers' Quay just to hear David "tell".

Funniest moment: "Pokey, pokey pokey!!" (you need to have been there!)

BBC Radio Leeds:


David was great on our show which is why we've invited him back again so soon and it's also an opportunity for our listeners to call in and share their stories too.

Jane Eddleston



Just a quick note to thank you for some brilliant literacy ideas.  I am sure that I will be returning to your website frequently in the future for inspiration!


I think your site is really good. Better than the Star wars website!




Wonderful! Love the story telling. Brilliantly concocted website. Makes me want to go and listen to stories


Sarah from Nova Scotia

Good site - will tell my childrens school about it


Sarah from Weymouth

a terrific site.......with all the information you could ask for - i especially like the front page and the story teller's voice at the outset with the beginning of the story really makes you want to know the rest........


Caroline from Paris


I continue to surf this site and play crosswords and findwords and drink my coffee... I'll keep surfing, it's a good break *poor surfing pun*


Matt from Oz

Very useful resources




".........Dave James, Storyteller, has been working with pupils from the Royal Manor School (Portland) at the annual Literacy Summer School. He is a highly professional lively storyteller......... Dave really motivates the pupils.......develops their vocabulary and oral skills......also works with the children on creative writing and poetry.........exciting, different and thoroughly worthwhile."

Andree Jackson, Literacy Summer School Co-ordinator

Royal Manor School, Portland, Dorset


"I must express my appreciation to you (David) for the superb storytelling.....we all enjoyed the evening tremendously and the atmosphere was brilliant..."

Bill White, previous Headmaster

St Nicholas and St Laurence CE Primary School



"I first witnessed David's wonderful ability to captivate and stimulate at a school camp on Dartmoor for 250 youngsters......use of local legends and folklore not only had the pupils fully engaged and mesmerised, also their immediate response was an enthusiastic flow of creative writing and rush to formulate their own stories....I would strongly endorse David's gifts for any and every occasion...."

Andy Dukes, Co-ordinator for Residential Education andPersonal, Social and Health Education atThe Wey Valley School, Weymouth




"I have engaged Dave on many occasions, both with Pizwell Cottage Enterprises and formally with the Dorset Expeditionary Society "Trailblazers Summer Holiday Weeks" and during each storytelling session, I have been amazed by his incredible ability to captivate audiences with tales related to the environment each group were experiences........taking snippets of information from various listeners and creating a flowing tale, both meaningful and entertaining."

Tim Hansford

Pizwell Cottage Enterprises, Postbridge, Devon,

 PL20 6TN


The Press


"David's enthusiasm for the ancient almost forgotten art of storytelling allows him to teach youngsters to communicate."

Daily Express

"David James is an inventive curator of the oral traditions."

Dorchester Guardian

"David James keeps the traditional art of storytelling alive."

Disney Channel

"David James, that master teller of tales, holds his audience spellbound as he weaves his stories"

Dorset Echo


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