Everything you need to put a lesson together at short notice!

Students need to give a short talk?  Click on me for a cunning plan!

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This will eventually be the place for your own work - click and see the first example!

For Your Eyes Only!

A selection of wordsearches

For  Wordsearch

An interactive wordsearch of which I am very proud!

NEW!! Interactive Wordsearch (changes every week)

A selection of crosswords

For  Crosswords

Games for Rainy Days!

Games for a Rainy Day!!!

Which way should you go?  Adventure Story

For Adventure Story

This will write your story for you!

Super Storywriter!!

Can't be bothered to write your own?

Try this!

Match up the words with the pictures

Memory Game using sounds

A selection of possible party games

Ideas for Party Games

Lots of tales with matching crosswords, wordsearches etc

Lots of silly tales and matching crosswords, wordsearches etc

Try some limericks

What are you like with Limericks?

 A "tale" related Hangman game

Have a go at Hangman!

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