Some short tales with mix 'n match activities

Complete on-line or printable grammar lessons (introducing homonyms and similes so far) - click here!

Everything you need to put a lesson together at short notice!

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By the Pricking of My Thumbs (something wicked and some just "dark"!)

We have had very positive results with our readers after a full term using these activities - 98% improved either their reading age, spelling age or both - in KS3 such results are quite difficult to maintain so results at the end of the Spring Term are now all important - watch this space!


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More lessons will be added as and when they are prepared (!!)

They are presented either as on-line activities or as printable sheets

Mad Cat Kate

Chugger and the Chimp

Shane the Shark

Moth the Pathfinder

Whiffer the Whippet

Slack Jack

Print off a "recap" tale covering the first 6 sounds

Whiffer - The Early Years

Belle the Trainee Witch

Cassie the Bassoon Player

Bing the Flying Swing King

Sparky the Sparrow


A little lesson to show the importance of describing words etc!

Scott the Screamer

Smartie Smorg

Sniff and Snow White


Twinkle Twit

Dwayne and Ricky

Slip and Slide

Blake Blunderbust

Clementine and the Clucking Voice

Gladys Glow-worm

Florence the Flamenco Dancer

The Pluto Plant

Princess Primrose

Graham's Great Day Out

The Storyteller's Big Day

(or the one where he meets Francis Frogwatcher!)

Throgmorton Thrush

Sparkle Sprite


If you have a tale of your own, or ideas for a tale, please send me (Penny) an e-mail by clicking on my name below - the more ideas/contributors we get the better (and your name too can go up in lights!)


Caroline Esteve

Penny Lee

Fiona Raynes

Jan Sear

Barbara Sergison



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