What is a Limerick
What is a Limerick?

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In my Craft and Sullen Art (A Storytelling of the tales of Shakespeare)

A Limerick is a short poem which is usually funny, with a very strong rhythm and a particular way of rhyming

Once you get the first line written the rest can easily follow on.  Here are some examples.

There was an old moggy called Kate

Who was desperate to go on a date

She primped and she preened

'Till her coat was all cleaned

And her glass eye all polished and straight!


You will see that the first two lines rhyme, the second two lines are shorter and they rhyme, then the last line rhymes again with the first two.


A funky young shark known as Shaun,

Was good mates with young peter the prawn,

Though they made an odd pair,

One has to be fair,

And say both taste good served with sweetcorn


A young bassoon player called Cass

Had exams that she wanted to pass

She practised non-stop

Till she felt fit to drop

And the neighbours all moved out en masse

Now have a go at some yourself!

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