Everything you need to put a lesson together at short notice!

Students need to give a short talk?  Click on me for a cunning plan!


Resources Page

Click here to access the Bloom's Taxonomy package

The Whole Blooming Package

  • lesson plans

  • assessment sheets

  • national Curriculum targets

Click here for a selection of Storybuilding Games

A selection of Storybuilding Games

  • observation

  • Storytelling Circle

  • "Fill in the Gaps"

Build a complete legend - click here for the lesson plan and worksheet

Complete Legend Building Lesson

  • Introduction

  • Lesson Plan

  • Legend Grid 

  • Selection of Students' legends

  • Meets NLS yr 3 term 2

Creative Writing Lesson Plan and Check-list

Creative Writing

  • Lesson Plan (with learning objectives)

  • Student Check-list

Self-delivering grammar lessons


  • Complete on-line lessons
  • Complete printable lessons

  • Homonyms

  • Similes

A selection of Storytelling related activity sheets

Activity Sheets

  • Storycards

  • Identifying and recording

  • Ideas Board

  • Developing a Character

Click here to find out how to "tell"!

Tips and Tricks 

  • Performance Skills

  • Developing Stories

  • The Teachers' Polishing Pack

Click here for some texts you can use

A Selection of Texts

  • Greenladies

  • Jack and the Moneylender

  • Fantastic Mr Fox

  • Jack and the Ghost

Click here for a comprehension activity linked to Jack and the Ghost

Click on button for a fun on-line activity

  • On-line Reading and Understanding Activity based on Jack and the Ghost

Listen Out Loud

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